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For those of you that don't know, I was diagnosed with ALS in March 2007. After two more opinions, the diagnosis was confirmed in the fall 2007 at age 39. This coming August (2010) I will have been married for seven years to an incredible wife, who has supported me throughout. During the course of our marriage we have been lucky to have two wonderful, amazing daughters. Sydney, will be 5 in November. Emily, will turn 2 1/2 in August. Currently, we reside in New Jersey with our Beagle, Trixie.

Friday, April 22, 2011

We are experiening technical difficulties. Please stand by:

 The computer I usually use to post my blog, the one with the voice activated, speech-to-text software, has a virus. I will not be able to get it fixed any earlier then Wednesday.  Until then, you can either peruse my blog archive or watch re-runs of Bewitched if you're having "Darin" withdrawal.  By the way, it took me over 17 minutes to type this post.

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  1. :D I love "Bewitched"!!
    I hate computer viruses!!! :(