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For those of you that don't know, I was diagnosed with ALS in March 2007. After two more opinions, the diagnosis was confirmed in the fall 2007 at age 39. This coming August (2010) I will have been married for seven years to an incredible wife, who has supported me throughout. During the course of our marriage we have been lucky to have two wonderful, amazing daughters. Sydney, will be 5 in November. Emily, will turn 2 1/2 in August. Currently, we reside in New Jersey with our Beagle, Trixie.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Post 2 -What Was I Thinking?

What the hell have I done? I'm not a blogger! I don't even like getting up in the morning and now I have to update this damn thing every day or so? Oh well.

First off, after reading my initial post, I recognize that there are several spelling and grammatical errors. Language Arts was never my strong point, and I will be the first to admit that I'm lucky to spell my own name correctly. For those of you that did not know, typing more than three or four words on a keyboard is difficult, if not impossible for me, depending on the day. Therefore, I have been using a speech to text software program for whenever I need to do a lot of typing. I have also been using the software at work. Overall, it has been a tremendous help, and I have to say it works very well. There are times however, that it does make mistakes with spelling and grammar, and I do not always catch them.

So, how was my day today, you ask? Actually, it started off very well. I was feeling very rested and relaxed this morning. Then at lunch time my oldest daughter began to choke on a chicken nugget. Nothing serious, but it did scare her. Because she got herself so upset she ended up throwing up her chicken nuggets all over the floor. Tracey sprung into action first and tried to get Sidney to calm down and get her to the bathroom. I, obviously, with less spring in my step, attempted to provide ground support. The first order of business was to get the dog to stop eating the puke and get her in her crate. Next, I noticed Emily coming over to investigate the situation. Before I go any further I should explain to everyone that I have lost most of the muscle in my shoulders, arms and hands. Although I do have a lot of difficulty walking, and usually wear leg braces, I do not wear them around the house, since I am still able to walk short distances. The main area of weakness in my legs is in my ankles. Therefore, I have a lot of issues with balance and stability. Now back to the story. In an attempt to prevent Emily from reaching the danger zone, I attempted to step over the puke while using the wall for balance. Bad move! I ended up losing my balance and falling ass backwards into the puke! Tracy, of course, hearing the bang of me crashing to the floor, let out a yell and came running. Fortunately, all that was hurt was my pride (although I did bruise up my left forearm a little bit). Luckily, Tracy and I were able to have a good laugh over it and the dog got a midday snack.


  1. Darin, glad to hear you were able to laugh about it later. I have way more fall stories than I care to admit. Keep on truckin!
    P.S. Is the name of your site "50,000 to 1" or "Never tell me the odds"?

  2. Darin this is a very brave move.... it is a lot to put yourself out there front and center... it is amazing how life moves you to do things you never before imagined you could or would ever do! As you know I too started blogging for little Aurora - and public "speaking" (or writing) has never been a strength of mine so go figure.
    I love your blog - very eloquent and well said.... the first post had me in tears, the second a little smile through those tears... we love you guys! DAMN THESE F*CKING DISEASES!
    As you know we truly enjoy it up here in the country but certainly wish we were closer to you four and of course Trixie too.... Aurora loves hanging out with your girls and we miss you all!
    xox Vanessa

  3. Ouch!

    I'd love to tell you about the time I tripped over my bottom desk drawer while trying to move away from my desk to avoid doing bodily harm to an extremely annoying parent, pretending to read the blank papers in my hands, falling head first into the corner of the copy machine, while wearing a skirt with an office full of students and one annoying parent!!!!!!
    But falling in puke ... eeeeeeeewwwwww!!! :D